Hunter Family Farms
Join us on our wellness journey, learn with us as we try our hand at gardening and laugh along with all of our other experiences on this small piece of our family's land....
Hunter's Oilers
Welcome to our page.  Spend a few minutes learning a little about all of us here on the Hunter Family Farm.
We purchased our half acre in Northern California back in May of 2011 with the hopes of having a small taste of self-sufficiency.

When we bought the property, there were 9 of us in residence.  Late in the year, a birth brought that number to 10.  Over the past few years that number has changed as some have moved away and gone a different path.

As the matriarch of the family, I decided to start this page to give family, friends, and those that are friends-to-be a chance to keep up to date and remain a part of our lives, even when life has separated us.

So, let me give you our "cast of characters".

Jenniferlynne - that's me.

Robert - Patriarch and my husband of many years....
Robbie/Robert V - Our youngest son
Morgan - Robert V's fiancé
Greg - Our roommate

Our oldest daughter, Christinialynne lives South of us.

Our youngest daughter, Josilen, lives south of us (since the Camp Fire) with her fiancé, Lee, and our other grandchildren.

Our oldest son, Jon, and his wife, Donna, and their two daughters are living back in the Valley.

Join us on our journey as we dig up the ground for our gardens, pick out chicks for the hen house, visit the Doctor, and as we learn about beekeeping and many other fun projects we will be embarking on in the coming months and years.

Learn right alongside us as we try our hand at building a sustainable lifestyle